South America | Venezuela | Venezuela’s Caribbean Islands | Margarita Island – Farewell Venezuela

South America | Venezuela | Venezuela’s Caribbean Islands | Margarita Island – Farewell Venezuela

After 3 gloriously lazy days spent swimming and sunbathing on Los Roques, it was time to leave. We spent our last lunch on the beach, watching as the pelicans dive bombed into the sea. We all trudged wearily to Gran Roques tiny airstrip, boarded our plane and headed back to Caracas.

After an uneventful few hours on various planes, we ended up back where we started, on Margarita Island. We checked into the same hotel which we had left 2 weeks previously. Upon arrival we were confronted with a group of rather burnt Brits who had obviously been sleeping by the pool since we had been away! There were also about 200 Columbian holidaymakers having what seemed like a fantastic time…dancing, singing, drinking and falling around in hysterics.

The Palm Beach ‘Entertainment’ Reps were in their prime as they organised ‘day trips’ for the Columbians, much to the relief of the other guests in the hotel!

We spent a couple of days sun bathing, sleeping and getting ready for our journeys back home. Me to England and Simon to New York.

The plane journey home was quick and painless (having learnt the beauty of sleeping pills and head cushions courtesy of my Business Class convert brother!).

It was a relief to touch down back in the UK, if only to see my friends and recount my adventures. But, in my heart, I was desperate to get back to Venezuela…we never did get the chance to see the beauty of Angel Falls, or explore the diverse eco systems of Los Llanos or to go out clubbing in Caracas. Next time, next time…

In Venezuela, their small tourist board is attempting to put their wonderfully diverse country on the map and encourage tourists and travellers to spend some time there. After my brief but fulfilling trip there, i encourage everyone to go and see for themselves the beauty of the country and the friendliness of the people.

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