South America | Peru | Southern Peru | Arequipa – A day pottering around (again)

South America | Peru | Southern Peru | Arequipa – A day pottering around (again)

Not much to say about this day, drank coffee as usual, and walked around observing the locals. What I would do for a decent cup of coffee, stange to be on a continent that is renowned for producing but dosen’t seem interested in drinking it! Well Peru at least.
Parted company with Toby and the other 3, who took a 2 day trip and a four day self organised hike to the Colca Canyon respectively. The temptation to join either jaunt to see the Condors was outweighed by the need to head on. I keep saying to myself I will return to Peru and see all these sights I miss by at a later age. Though I a feel I am getting a very good feel for the place whilst avoiding the tourist spots.
Given a approx. 150 mile journey to Puno takes 12 hours (something to do with no road surface) I decide that is too long a time wasted and to break the budget with a flight ($40) to the Puno’s neighbour Juliaca.

A stunning evening, sat on the roof of the hostel watching the sun set shadow over the local Volcano El Misti.

Oh dear, a night out with Graham and Richard from Bristol, just a quiet drink was ruined by several free drinks courtesy of Deja Vu (I might at least of tried out some of Arequipa’s other venues), too much Tequila, and yes …. I admit it, more of that Latin Dancing (maybe Im getting good now …… hmmm).

Arequipa, being arguably Peru’s second City, is certainly a very beautiful place with stunning colonial buildings set to a back drop of amazing lanscapes, giving it a charm I found far greater than anything Lima could muster.

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