South America | Peru | Peruvian Amazon | Puerto Maldonado – This time it’s the fish that are eating me

South America | Peru | Peruvian Amazon | Puerto Maldonado – This time it’s the fish that are eating me

Here I am back in town again so soon. The reason being that our wonderful manager will be away from the lodge for about 10 days in November (won’t there be some parties then!) and she wants me to keep an eye on the place while she is away!

Still the trip gave me a chance for another haircut – even shorter than the last one. I was too busy chatting to the barber to notice that I was half-bald!

It’s been quite an interesting week. Due to less guides being at the lodge now that it is low season, I was asked to guide for a group of Dutch and English visitors which was good fun and gave me a chance to demonstrate all I have learnt about the forest in the last 5 months. One of my tasks was to give them a tour around the local community. There was one slight problem with this plan – I’d only been around the local community once before and so I was unsure of the routes between the houses and the fields. I asked a local guy Daniel to some with us but when we got to the first house, he decided that he wanted to stay and chat with the family that lives there – but he reassured me that the route was easy enough. After about 30 mins I realised that I didn’t know where I was going since the path didn’t look familiar to me at all. Luckily after about 10 mins going the wrong way, Daniel came running up behind us (must have had some kind of 6th sense or something), sent us back in the direction from where we had come and then showed me the tiny overgrown path that I should have taken! There have been some realy nice groups visiting the lodge and quite a few from Edinburgh – so I’m up to date with all the goings on back home. I must give a mention to the very lovely Scottish couple Mark and Alison who were here a few weeks ago.

Also last week the new researcher, Salvador, and I took a boat up the small river near the lodge with one of the local guys and a boat driver. Due to the rain, the river was quite high, which made it just about navigable once you guided the boat through the many fallen tree trunks that were strewn throughout the river. The objective of this expedition was to check out some of the nearby lakes for signs of Giant Otters and Caiman. We paddled a small wooden canoe (which was letting in water at an alarming rate) around one of the lakes to count the Caiman at night. We also went for a swim in one of the small streams joining the river, which was very relxing until I started getting bitten by the fish! Apparently they’re only small but still not a nice feeling all the same. We drifted back down the river without the engine in the dark beneath a starry sky flickering with nearby thunderstorms.

Photos this week are:

A crazy caterpillar and a weird looking weevil thing. My room at the lodge (just after I had moved in and hadn’t had chance to make it a mess) and the time that Wowee took up residence under my bed.

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