South America | Peru | Peruvian Amazon | Puerto Maldonado – The party to end all parties (and I missed it!)

South America | Peru | Peruvian Amazon | Puerto Maldonado – The party to end all parties (and I missed it!)

OK, so you´ve probably been wondering what a night out in Puerto Maldonado is like.

It usually starts out with a pizza at´”El Hornito” where there´s a whole range of toppings to choose from. Out of curiosity, last time I decided to go for the ham, sausage, fried egg and banana option!

After washing down the pizza with a couple of bottles of the local brew, Cusque?a, you cross the Plaza to the club “Anaconda”. This is a bit of a gringo place and plays a lot of US music but it´s good to go along and dance to some stuff you recognise for a change.

At about 1am there´s a mass exodus from Anaconda and everyone moves onto “Witite”, the next club along. This is a bit more of a locals´ place and plays more Latino music but has a good atmosphere.

I left there in the early hours of the morning, got a couple of hours sleep in my hotel and then had to go to the ofice to get the early boat to the lodge. When I got to the office I was told that there had been a change of plan and the boat was going 8 hours later! I got straight into a taxi, went back to the hotel, asked for my room back and went back to bed!

July 28th was Independence Day in Peru so after dinner we had the Peruvian national anthem and some Peruvian dancing (see pictures) – and Pisco Sours on the house! The next day was Karl and Bridie´s last day at the lodge. I went into town that day since they weren´t planning a leaving party at the lodge for their last evening and I had things to do in town. I stayed in town that night whilst back at the lodge Karl and Bridie (and nearly everybody who works at the lodge) were partying hard in their bugalow. Nobody seems to remember much about it, Karl´s account was that he remembers waking up with a few minutes to go before the boat was supposed to take them away from the lodge, looked around, the barman was asleep on Bridie´s bed, Bridie was sleeping in a bed in one of the other rooms and they were surrounded by empty bottles and broken glasses!

When Giesela found out about this she said to Bridie that she would be punished for this. Bridie just turned round and said ´You can´t I´m leaving today!´. Giesela still hasn´t quite got over this reply!

I´m now Giesela´s favourite person at the lodge now (even though had I been there, I would have been at the party like the rest of them). This is not a position I´m happy with since it probably means the rest of them won´t speak to me, but we´ll see how it goes.

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