South America | Peru | Northern Peru | Trujillo – sponsoring Jose

South America | Peru | Northern Peru | Trujillo – sponsoring Jose

It is seriously heartbreaking here at Bruce at the moment. One of the little boys climbed onto my lap yesterday and started crying, I thought there was something seriously wrong with him at first but he was just upset that I was leaving. The others keep writing little good-bye cards for me, asking me not to forget about them and telling me that they will forever remember me and that I’m the best Maths teacher ever. Some of the cards are so cute; they bring tears to my eyes.
I almost wish I hadn’t told them on Monday that I am leaving this Friday; whenever I step outside they all come running and shout “ no te vayas Senorita Sigi”. I feel very popular at the moment :o)

I asked one of the 11-year-old boys (Jose) yesterday what he wants to do when he’s older. He told me he wants to be a lawyer. He is a very intelligent very well behaved boy and I could just see him as a lawyer, so I spontaneously told him I would sponsor him and send some money over for his school fees (I’m not sure if he will be able to go to University but it would be great). Today, his whole family turned up (he has 3 more brothers and sisters) to arrange the sponsoring of little Jose. They seem such a nice family and it only cost about $120 a year for the school fees. I’m just not sure, how I can make sure that the money I’ll send them is really being used for his education and not on various other things….
Well, I’ll have to work something out. I took a photo of the whole family and arranged to meet the father again tomorrow morning to work out some details.

My friend Rianti (volunteer from Indonesia) also had the brilliant idea to take some of the older kids to the Internet café and set up email addresses for them so we could stay in touch. I took three boys, I hope they will find the 50 Centimos from somewhere to drop us a mail occasionally and let us know how they are getting on.

Last but not least, I presented the new web site to Bruce today. There is still a bit of work to do but he likes it a lot. It is quite simple and basic but an awful lot more organised than the site he has at the moment. Unfortunately Bruce has to go to hospital tonight for a week, but as soon as he gets back he’ll make it live and I’ll post the link on this site.

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