South America | Peru | Northern Peru | Trujillo – la professora Senorita Sigi

South America | Peru | Northern Peru | Trujillo – la professora Senorita Sigi

The working week is almost over and I am absolutely exhausted but very happy. It is very loud and hectic here when the kids are around from 8am to 3pm and there is always something to do. We’re giving them showers, play with them, and obviously teach them. I am teaching maths, which I thought wouldn’t be too hard, but I’ve got the older ones (8 to 12, there is 18 of them) and they are all at different levels. I’m teaching them how to add and substract fractions at the moment, which I could hardly remember how to do myself AND I’m doing it in Spanish! This morning I had to get up at six to prepare my class, which was at 8.30h, it went really well, they actually didn’t want to stop at the end.
I’ve also been teaching my adult English class every night for an hour and it takes me a long time to prepare for that because we haven’t really got any teaching material.

I showed Bruce my mock up for the redesign of the website earlier this week and he loved it, it’s just a matter of finding the time to do it….

I am a bit disappointed with my Spanish skills and I am not really learning that much either, apart from “sit down”, “wash your hands before the meal” and “don’t hit anyone”. The kids are terribly hard to understand and among the volunteers we speak English, but I’ve just booked myself a private lesson for next Monday night so if that goes well, hopefully I will improve a bit more.

Anyway I am really enjoying this experience and all the other volunteers are just lovely. A lot of new people arrived in the last few days so I am sharing a room with 7 girls now.
We usually go for a couple of beers at 9pm when the last lesson is over. There is a little bar pretty much directly opposite but we’re usually too tired to stay very late.

Oh, I was just reading a book to one of my favourite kids, little Roberto, in the garden when I noticed a HUGHE bump on his head. I asked him about it and he told me his dad got really angry the day before and beat him and his mother up.
It is hard to describe my feelings, looking in his little brown eyes listening to this horrible story, but you can be sure I gave him a big big hugg.

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