South America | Peru | Northern Peru | Trujillo – carnival in Trujillo

South America | Peru | Northern Peru | Trujillo – carnival in Trujillo

I let the kids make Pom Poms on Monday in my art class. There were 60 children in the class so we had to cut out 120 cardboard circles with holes in them before the class started. They loved it and because we didn’t manage to finish it in one lesson they are asking me EVERY day now when I ‘ll be teaching art again.

It was an exciting weekend, one of the girls broke her arm on Friday and some Peruvian friends of ours got bottled in the street. One of them had to go to hospital. It doesn’t seem very dangerous when walking around in the centre but I’ve been told not to go any further alone because there are some very poor areas on the outskirts of Trujillo.

While recruiting some new kids for our program the other day, we walked past the cemetery and found lots of kids working there. A lot of families pay poor children to look after the graves of their relatives. A very strange sight to see all the kids tidying the cemetery.

It’s carnival in Trujillo for the hole of February, which is a bit different from home…. it just basically means that all the boys are allowed to throw water bombs at the girls. They love aiming for the gringas. I got hit on my bottom the other day and had to walk around with soaking wet trousers for the rest of the day.

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