South America | Peru | Northern Peru | Chiclayo – Chiclayo – going north

South America | Peru | Northern Peru | Chiclayo – Chiclayo – going north

december 8th is a national holiday in peru. to take advantage of this monday off (it is so hard for peruvians to get vacation…) we got on a bus to chiclayo friday night the 5th. getting out of lima for some fresh air.

trine, carlos, hugo and i.

the busride took 11 hours. a friend of carlos came to pick us up in his red car, drove us around a bit and then dropped us off downtown at a hotel before heading back to work or returning to whatever he does during the day.

saturday morning. and it was cloudy. but not for very long. and god, the sun is hotter up north.
first thing we did after leaving our bags in trine and carlos’ room was going down to the market. they got some juice (a ‘jugo’ is: fruit + milk + maybe an egg mixed in a blender) and i got myself a mango.
we found our way to a bus going to sipán and off we went. with a layer of sunblock and sticky mango fingers.

so now i’ve seen an archaeological thing. el se?or de sipán. the rest of some pyramids, the only intact, authentic grave there is to see here(if i’ve understood correctly), and then some other graves with copies of skeletons and clay pots. we had a guide and she was good at what she was doing.
it was pretty neat. but well..

and then we went to a museum and saw the same thing all over again, but indoors in a museum and not the “real thing out in the open”. and with lots to read along with real skeletons behind glass. it was a bit dark and cold.
the museum was nice, if you like going to museums.

hugo and i camped out on the beach close to eten, which is a little town about 40 minutes south of chiclayo, while trine and carlos stayed at the hotel.
the beach was great. just sand and sand and more sand. the way we put up the tent we didn’t see the sea and it felt a bit like being in the desert.

sunday was a lazy day. and monday too.
hugo and i decided on not doing any more archaeology/touristy things.
we slept late, played in the sand, tried going for a swim (without much success; cold water, too much waves), and then we went to chiclayo to get something to eat. in eten there was just nothing.

before getting on the bus back to lima monday night trine, hugo and i got our hair cut. hugo and i mostly because of the hairwash – we were pretty dirty, and with sand everywhere.
trine and carlos have taken a vow never againg to go with the bus company civa. el super churre. we went with flores on the way north and with civa back home.

it felt great taking a shower before going directly to work tuesday morning at 8.30am. just as great as seeing the kids again.

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