South America | Peru – Christmas Vacations

South America | Peru – Christmas Vacations

Finally back to everyday-life in Lima, and I thought I’d like to write some lines about Christmas and New Year’s Eve and what I’ve been up to lately.

I spent the afternoon and evening of December 24th with the boys, the street kids. We didn’t do anything special, just slouched around watching TV, playing checkers and chess, talking, relaxing.
Around 10-11pm I went to see Trine, Carlos and Pedro at her appartement. There was a turkey dinner and Norwegian Christmas sweets (marsipan, kransekake, pepperkaker, kokosmakroner, serinakaker.. tror ikke jeg har glemt noe).
The Peruvians believe Jesus was born at exactely 00:00 (between the 24th and the 25th), so that’s when we all said ‘Merry Christmas’ to each other and hugged. Outside there were fireworks, but nothing that made you say ‘Ooooo!’.

Sunday night the 28th I got on a bus to Piura (even further north then Chiclayo) with Jerónimo, Luis, Marco, Vannia, Eduardo, Carlos, Ana Cecilia, and Cynthia.
Vannia’s mother’s new boyfriend has a beach house in Máncora that he had lent us for the New Year’s celebrations. So the plan was to spend some six days there. Máncora is said to be Peru’s most beautiful beach, it’s where all the rich people from Lima go to celebrate the New Year.
Unfortunately things didn’t go as planned.. As we got on the bus (really, I’m not exaggerating) Vannia’s mom called to say that the house was no longer available to us, some other relatives had decided to use it without the new boyfriend knowing. So there we were. On the bus not knowing where to go or what to do upon arrival. All we knew was that we were taking the bus back to Lima Januray 3rd late in the evening.

Things turned out well though, even though not as we’d planned. We split up since some had more money to spend then others – some rented a bungalow on the beach in Colán (which is another nice beach). Máncora was full. (Can you believe it?? A beach being “full”!!)
Jerónimo and I were sick from the airconditioning on the bus so we went to visit the parents of a good friend of his that live in Piura. They invited us to stay and we ended up spending four nights there because we were so comfortable. A huge ‘Thanks’ to Luzmila and Ricardo!

The last night we tented on a beach, ‘Las Gaviotas’. (We had of course brought our sleeping bags and tenting gear with us from Lima just in case..) Unlike Colán and Máncora which were packed with people, we had this beach almost all to ourself. We were the only ones spending the night on the beach.
The next morning we got a nasty surprise. Just after getting up 5 guys came with the intention to rob us of all we had, and by the way they looked at me I think they had other things in mind too. We must be born under lucky stars because we managed to talk them out of it, gave them 10 S/. (which is less then 20kr..) and they left.

We got on the bus sandy and hungry, but the ride went pretty well all in all.
This last week has been busy busy, and so has the week-end.
The street boys are on summer vacation and the babies all have Chicken Pox. But I’ll write more about them and what it really is like to volunteer for AIDENICA and Kusi Warma later.

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