South America | Peru | Central Peru | Lima – Primera Dias

South America | Peru | Central Peru | Lima – Primera Dias

Well, I do believe I timed this well! As I mentioned Lima is normally covered by the Garua at this time of year, leaving it looking dull and depressing (similar to the average summer day in merry old Manchester!). I awoke to find such a day, but by noon this ‘fog’ had dissapeard, leaving a beuatiful sun drenched day. In a pigeon English/Spanish/hand gestures conversation with a taxi driver I was to learn this was the first sunny day since last summer.

Enjoyed the day, pottering around, drinking coffee, smoking ciggerettes and performing my favorite pass time, people watching. I had fun also avoiding the countless touts trying to sell me cheap tickets to Cuzco and every other place in the Inca Empire. I always find it takes a few hours to switch out of the polite British manner of turning a salesman down subtly, to just using the ‘sod off Im not interested’ look and walking on without reply.

Miraflores is a very fake place, full of rich tourists and enough police to almost equal them. Very clean European looking place, with prices to match. No this is not Peru (although the Pacific Ocean is worth a look) ….. I think I will leave the hotel I am paying far to much for and get myself into a nice cheap hostel and become a backpacker, not a tourist.

I had more fun in a local Taxi, a vechicle hardly roadworthy, a driver hardly qualified, and road system hardly organised ….. hey its all good fun. Turn up in Plaza de Armes (I believe the centre of town) to do a little bit of my usual passtime (watching the world go by). Within moments a local was sat next to me asking where I was from and claiming to want to speak to me to improve his English (I know people at home who speak the language less well). Oh surprise! his friend joins in the conversation, sitting the other side of me. Questions, questions, questions, not about old Blighty, but about me, where I am staying, what I am doing etc. Got to give it to the guys, taking it turns to question me (effectively leaving me with my head turned away from the other). I may be a novice traveller but growing up a large city I kind of know when someone is trying to get the better of me. I left the plaza with all the possesions I arrived with and booked my hostel. On returning the Plaza, I found I was approached by another Peruvian who spoke English amazing well, but still wanted to practice on me. Part of me was curious to find out what the scam was about, but being only one day in the city I felt it better left alone.

Feeling jet lagged, a night in front of Peruvian TV back at the hotel was a foot (why did I bother!?).

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