South America | Peru | Central Peru | Lima – Kusi Warma

South America | Peru | Central Peru | Lima – Kusi Warma

San Miguel, Lima

?Salud, education y familia para todos los ni?os!
It’s for the AsociacĂ­on Kusi Warma I’m volunteering most of the time.

Kusi Warma means Ni?o Feliz (Happy Child) in Quechua. It’s a non-governmental, non-profit organization working to make life better for children living in extreme poverty.

I’m working at a recuperation center for malnourished kids (babies really, 0 to 3, almost 4 year-olds) in San Miguel, Lima. This is what I do: play with the kids, dress them, wipe noses, feed, take to the hospital, give baths, change diapers, play some more, brush teeth, comfort, keep an eye on, make funny faces, hold hands, distribute toys and things like that.

They offer free housing and meals to volunteers. My room is in the annex, across the street on the second floor.
See Kusi Warma’s site at if you want to know more about them.

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