South America | Peru | Central Peru | Lima – Found them!

South America | Peru | Central Peru | Lima – Found them!

After relaxing at the hostel in the afternoon, I walked a block or so to the San Franciscan convent with the Lima catacoombs below. I took the last English tour of the day with a group from Toronto. The group had built an orphanage in a small town over the past week. As we walked out of the cloisters of the church, a young woman in a wedding dress was being helped out of her car by her father. A crowd gathered to watch the scene, which included friends and family forming a tunnel for her to walk into the church.

I walked past the non-operational train station through the Plaza Mayor and into the central hub of life in Lima. I found the vegetarian restaurant I wanted after three tries down various streets. Being the only person there, I got a lot of attention from the owner and they guy working. Unfortunately, my spanish is non-existant. Nevertheless, he still spoke to me in Spanish and I picked up a few words here and there to actually have somewhat of a humorous dinner conversation. I needed a good meal, and I found one at this place — the food was delicious. The owner brought out a special plate of picante for me, but I guess after eating so much thai food at home lately, I have dulled my taste for spicy dishes, I drowned my food in the picante and shocked the owner with how much I used.

After checking with my host if the walk back to the hostel was ‘segura’, safe, I walked to the hostel through one of the main shopping streets for pedestrians. On the way, I spotted some police in riot gear, practicing for carnival celebrations by running after kids with water balloons–loco.

I found my beans after arriving back at the hostel and realizing I had started to settle in and as a result, my nerves settled in too.

Woke up this morning and chatted with the Swiss med student I met at the hostelĀ“s bar-restaurant last night. We decided to head to Huarez tomorrow morning. There are multiple bus companies in Lima, and we had quite the interesting time calling around and finding out more information. We decided to take the regular bus not a luxury one (oh boy…) and go during the day so we can see the country during our 8 hour trip.

I think I am going to relax today, walk around a bit more, and find something good to eat.

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