South America | Chile | Santiago de Chile – Peter Pan´s home

South America | Chile | Santiago de Chile – Peter Pan´s home

Enjoying a day in Santiago before heading off to Easter Island tomorrow. I am staying at a recommended hostel in the center of the city, so it makes walking around the center easy. The hostel is so new it is not in any of the guidebooks. Well in fact it is, I just found it in the 2003 version of Let{s Go.

An Australian guy bought an old mansion and is slowly fixing it up. He has converted some of the large rooms in the house into bunk bed rooms (eight in each room), so if you want a night of peace and quiet this would not be the place. But if you want an interesting mix of travelers, with plentiful information on Santiago and Chile thrown in, this would be the place to settle for a few days. Or in fact, as the comments book I glanced through shows, many people think they are there to stay for a few days and it turns into a few weeks. And some people really seem to just hang out there, as a piece of this world where they just don´t have to face reality too much.

Hence my name of this entry, Peter Pan´s home. I thought of that this morning, while I enjoyed the full breakfast option in one of the sunny courtyards inside the mansion noticing the same guys hanging out there that were at the hostel when I spent one night there two weeks ago. When asked, a few of these guys really just had plans to hang out at this lovely place, away from reality, responsibilities, basically never having to ¨grow up¨. One guy missed his flight three weeks ago and hasn´t been able to make another one since then. Now whether that is on purpose or not I am not sure…

I am currently sitting in a lovely internet cafe after having a delicious late lunch at a vegetarian place I found. I hope to do some touring in the morning before catching my afternoon flight as today seemed to pass quickly by with errands to get some new shampoo, soap, etc.

I heard from one of the ladies I met on my trip into Bolivia who is in Santiago teaching English, and hoped to meet her for dinner, but she must have not received my reply in time.

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