South America | Chile | Puerto Natales – Patagonia or bust

South America | Chile | Puerto Natales – Patagonia or bust

Met my nine-toed hotty in Santiago yesterday, (that is code for Walter joined me), and we had a blast flying down to Patagonia yesterday. The flight stopped in Puerto MonttĀ“s airport, basically a small blue building in a big field with a paved runway. Then flew on to Punta Arenas. Walter, having travled at this point for a total of 20 hours, was a great sport and boarded a bus with me to Puerto Natales.

We arrived at 9:30 pm, checked into Casa Cecilia (Great place!), and headed out for a delicious dinner at the Ultima Esperanza (Ultimate Experience). We started dinner with a Pisco Sour each, and then headed on to some Vino Tinto, and I proceeded to get silly.

This am we started planning for our camping adventure in the Torres del Paine park. Unfortunately, we discovered over half the park is closed with loads of rain falling lately, one of the main bridges is totally under water and the trails are flooded.

Our options now include biking tomorrow, sitting out the rains and hoping (read praying) the water will subside enough for us to embark on a hiking trip in the next couple of days, or to head out on a kayaking trip in the next day or two.

Stay tuned…

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