South America | Chile | Pucon – The siren

South America | Chile | Pucon – The siren

Tuesday 24th April

Not a comfortable journey, but a picturesque one.

Waking up with that all too familiar cricked neck is so much more bearable when when you open your eyes to the sun rising over the Andes. Convinced we’ve made the right decision this time, even through the hair raising moments where we hit a part of the road that hadn’t yet been built, it was time to bite the bullet and see what kind of place we had chosen.

Pucon. What can be said about this small town at the foot of the Andes? It’s like a picture book town – every building a log cabin {even the phoneboxes have shed their garish blue and green in favour of log!}.

To the south and east the Andes, to the north and west Lake Villarica glistens. And the most dominant feature, the volcano towers 3000m over the town to the south west. Pucon seems to rely entirely on tourism, making a place to stay as easy to find as a needle in a needle stack!! Once your backpack is spotted a dozen hoteliers approach, trying to rouse some business in the slow autumn months. Shop around – you’ll be very tempted to take the first log cabin offered, but the town is full of hospedajes, each seeming nicer than the last.

After a weekend in Argentina, the Pucon prices bring a smile to my face. A 3 course meal for $4 and most places offering ensuite rooms for $5 per person. Looking from our balcony at the Andes, I almost had a heart attack. No I’m not going to spout off about how the place is so beautiful it gave me palpitations. The heart tremor came when a siren, not dissimilar to that heard in World War II sounded. OH MY GOD!!!!! THE VOLCANO!!!! While sending Hector to find out how long we had to get out, I was already to pack up. Then he returned telling me that while some towns have clocks that chime at 12 o’clock, Pucon sounds the siren every day. Well, they need to make sure it’s working…just in case….

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