South America | Chile | Pucon – The rough and the smooth

South America | Chile | Pucon – The rough and the smooth

Wednesday 25th April

When I set out to write this diary, I wanted to capture the true esence of travelling – the rough as well as the smooth. I didn’t realise that the rough would come quite so quickly though.

Having tossed and turned all night, deciding whether to opt for white water rafting or climbing the volcano, I awoke at 6 with chronic stomach pains. After spending the next 5 hours with that age old dilemma that comes with traveller’s diahorrea – which end is in greater need of the toilet – I am feeling very sorry for myself. But while I am sorry to be missing a day cycling to the waterfalls, I am truly grateful that I have an ensuite bathroom and that I can while away the feverish hours looking at the

Thursday 26th April

A good night’s sleep and a hearty breakfast at LA Tetera and all was good again. Or so I thought until we left our room in pursuit of the volcanic caves – a 12km walk. About 200m into the rain I realised that I perhaps wasn’t as well as I had thought. A quick change of plan then and a bus to LAs Thermas de San Luis, about 25km from Pucon.

The bus drops off about 2km away, giving a pretty walk through a lakeside wood {still nice even in the rain}. At firt sight, the hot springs resort was a bit of a diappointment. I was expecting natural pools in the mountainside. But tourism is of course the name of the game, so the thermal pools are now paved and surrounded by sunloungers. Not exactly at one with nature, but very relaxing and excellent for recouperating after illness.

A quick tip – leave plenty of time between getting out of the pools and dusk. The buses, although they stop anywhere and everywhere don’t really run to a timetable and you’ll soon find yourself standing at the side of the road in darkness, waving at every passing vehicle in hope that it is the bus!

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