South America | Chile | Atacama Desert – The breakdown….french fries in Chile

South America | Chile | Atacama Desert – The breakdown….french fries in Chile

After leaving the internet cafe yesterday, I spotted a McDonalds just down the road. Big yellow arches just looming above me. I hesitated, staring across the street, wondering do I go get some fries or not…

Well, I broke down and got some and I know what you all are going to say, and I can hear everyone now, the fries are not vegetarian, they put in ´flavoring´ read: lard! OK, I admit it, they may have lard in the oil they fry them in, but man a large McPapas (french fries in Chile) rocks when you just have to breakdown and have a reminder of home. I overhear two other gringos talking English, invite myself to join them at their table outside, and we have a blast filling each other in on our travels and plans.

I head back to the hostal, hesitate before turning on the TV, ´cause I never watch TV hardly at all when I am home, but I do just to hear CNN, see if there is something in English. Wow was I surprised, about 6 channels in English, and I was able to get my fill of TV for awhile. Watched a new version of Alias believe it or not! Got absorbed in Dangerous Liasons and realized I was hungry again around 1030. No problem, I am in Chile now, where I can eat late!

I head out to wander around, and some places are closed since it is Sunday night, but I find Scala, which delivers before me a HUGE, yes HUGE vegetarian sandwich. I swear they used two whole avocados just on the avocado portion of the sandwich. Had a Cristal beer, and headed home, to then watch TV until 130 am. I just could not turn the TV off! I did stop by a phone booth, called home, but missed both my mother and father who were not at home when I called. Oh well.

Slept in this morning (this was so nice as I feel like I have been on the go with hiking and moving on to Chile lately) and then met the two British guys, Lee and Stewart, at McDonald´s (our meeting point) again. We had a good lunch and then hiked up the town´s overlook. Beautiful views of the harbor, the sand dunes outside of town, the green valley, the beaches and small vultures flying all around the cliffs of this overlook.

I found a travel agency, that has assured me I will not have a problem with my lack of Spanish (on a Spanish guided tour) for the next two and half days to the Luaca National Park. I signed up for it and leave tomorrow afternoon. Back up the mountains and onto some really neat nature watching!!

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