South America | Brazil | Rio de Janeiro – rio dia dois parte dois

South America | Brazil | Rio de Janeiro – rio dia dois parte dois

oh so people just jump on and off this tram like monkeys –

speaking of monkeys we saw a capuchinha and his two little friends. they were running on the telephone wire. danielle says they are capuchinhas estrellas, cause they have a star-shaped white marking on their faces. it is apparently boa sorte. good luck for me!

we took the tram down and around into the somewhere, and then took the metro into centro, the downtown area. the metro is very very good. it´s way cleaner than ny, which is not saying much i know. i realized as i got on the train how happy i am to be in a city again! lost or found, either way, or just hopping on a bus and being like ‘i wonder where this bus goes?’ this city is BIIIG and it´s unlike anyplace i´ve been. have not got a handle on it yet. but it´s wonderful.

i got lost like eighty thousand times today and people here will WALK WITH YOU to where you need to go. they are nice, and they´re not rushed and weird. i like it.

copacabana is dope. i was all, oh, i will just get off the subway at flamengo and walk down all the beaches. HA! now i know. they are very long and there are mountains and sugarloaves in the way. 🙂

i ate at a nice lil cafe called, yes, CAFEINHA. perfect for br. what else?

took a dance class – it was horton though and not for me. but it was at this AWESOME studio that has capoeira and yoga and ballet and hip hop and ever´thang, and the dance studio is REALLY nice and of course it´s a converted old fabulous colonial house.

from our lofty perch on santa teresa mountain we can see pao do acucar to the left, and corcovado to the right, and the city in between. it´s maravilhosa.

more about the hill and the favelas and dance and all soon.

i love you! the stars are different here.

muitos abracos,
beth (pronounced beeeey-chee)

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