South America | Brazil | Rio de Janeiro – ‘No Beti! Not on the Live Journal!’

South America | Brazil | Rio de Janeiro – ‘No Beti! Not on the Live Journal!’

Well the good news is, Jimmie bought me jelly beans.
The bad news is, Jimmie e Louisa fizeram o tango horizontal. Eu disse para eles lhes, ‘GUYS! Nós estamos no Brasil. Nós n?o tango aqui, nós SAMBA!’ Mas me escutaram? N?O! Estavam brincando de ESCONDER A SALSICHA NO TÚNEL.


So much! It´s really nice and easy here. We are about to go to Lapa and samba. What have I done in the past several days? In no particular order:

Took Spanish dance class with my alunas at Ballet Santa Teresa

Watched my alunas´ capoeira roda at BST – it was so sweet. They sing so loud, without reservation. It was beautiful.

Taught many an English class. We have progressed to semi-conversations.

Took another modern class at the DC dance studio. Not as fun as the last one, but we did play frisbee in class. 🙂

… I am making plans to go down south in a week or so. I will be teaching English at a school in a small city called Santa Cruz do Sul. It sounds lovely. Very close to the borders of Uruguay and Argentina. I can´t wait to see Buenos Aires!

There´s so much here. I feel very relaxed and yet completely excited at the same time.

Time works differently here. There just seems to be more of it.

Enough floufy stuff. More actual details soon.

Love love,

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