South America | Brazil | Rio de Janeiro – chiaroscuro

South America | Brazil | Rio de Janeiro – chiaroscuro

… or do I mean charriascura?

Allo all.
Night before last we had a ‘potluck’ – I’m still full. Let’s see: lovely salad, olive pizza, spanish omelets, hummus, beer. stuffed peppers, stuffed aubergine, stuffed volunteers. apple crumble, ice cream, chocolate wafers. mmmmm.
Taugh English class yesterday a.m. – it was very good. They now know how to ask for clothing, in various colors and amounts. Perfect for that intercontinental shopping spree.
Then I went to Niteroi, which is across the bay. Somewhat shady, but not in a leafy jungle foliage kind of way. Well, okay that too. But mostly just rundown shady. The water is a lovely toxic green. Practically flourescent. So much smog. All in all a bit dismal.
Parts of Rio are quite depressing. Coming back from Niteroi I was pretty much bummed. The gorgeous mountains were TOTALLY obscured by smog. The water as I said looked absolutely vile.
But then I got back into Rio and, as usual, all shifted. Got off the bus at some random place, and lo and behold I was in front of the Theatre Joao Caetano (?) where a great dance show is running – I got tix for tonight. Then I went into the Iko Poran office and hung out with the folks. Josee and I wended, wound, whumped 🙂 our way back up the hill. so beautiful!
Last night we had portuguese lessons to go with our portuguese beer – but we did not learn to conjugate the verb FODER, more’s the pity.

We then boarded the slow train to jacuzzi-ville. Quite relaxing. It put me in better spirits after what was, all in all, rather a crap day.


This a.m. woke up all eager beaver, taught dance class. So much fun. Now I am trying to decide which cities in the south I wish to visit – I think I´ll start travelling at the beginning of July (in honor of my Ma´s bday!) so I should probably figure out where I want to go. The other option is just to go to the train station and pick a place. I love doing that. Maybe I will wind up in Buenos Aires, woo and be wood by a lovely gaucho hipster, and create modern dance masterpieces between sips of imported Chilean wine. Wait, this is not a bad idea. I´ll let you know how events transpire.

🙂 ciao!

BTW, cariocas have a word for the action of throwing a flip-flop at another. To flip flop. How apropos.

Maxine says, ‘Cor blimey, O’Reilly.’

My horoscope says:
Blessings sometimes wear the funniest, rattiest disguises in order to see how closely we’re paying attention. A blessing that comes along in this moment might wear the guise of a frustrated boss or an irate motorist — really. While this might all seem totally and unnecessarily convoluted, the universe is simply trying to catch you off-guard so you’re ready to receive the lesson it’s been trying to teach you all along. Pay attention. This one might be life-changing.

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