South America | Brazil | Rio de Janeiro – beijo

South America | Brazil | Rio de Janeiro – beijo

It is Monday June 20… wow.

A lot has been happening. The best thing was on Saturday night. Arantxa, Maxine, Josée and I decided to go to Casa Rosa, the pink house, which Arantxa´s guidebook said is a very fabulous club with three floors and outdoor garden and live samba and I don´t know what-all. Frequented by natives…

So after a very heated debate in the jacuzzi about the state of the earth, and all that earnest jazz, we finally get our butts in gear. Well Josée and Maxine only made it to the front of the house before they decided that they were not up for going out. This is understandable because they had been dancing in Lapa until 6 a.m. Friday. I, responsible Beytchee, did not go out to Lapa Friday, nor did I go to the favela party with Dan and Molly, which was riotously fun also, apparently. So I was well rested and ready to go play.

Thus it was just Arantxa and me. We went down the hill and discussed how, even though Santa Teresa is full of really rich people, it´s got a couple of pretty darn bad favelas… we managed to freak ourselves out but then we got to the pink house and it was cool. We did not end up going in, because it was 15 reais to get in. Which in US is only about 6 dollars but still, your perspective changes pretty quickly here, and already I think of reais as dollars. So 15 dollars is too damn much to pay to get into a club, or at least it seemed that way to us… we sat outside and looked at all the people – it was a Brasilian hipster scene. We just talked and talked, drank beer, enjoyed the night and the atmosphere. Then, we were just getting ready to go home when…

IT WAS SO COOL! Okay. This bus comes by, fast and furious as is typical. And we were all excited becuase then we wouldn´t have to get a taxi back up the hill. But the bus said ‘ESPECIAL’ which we assumed meant it was not actually running a route. But we waved at it… ALL these people we inside, laughing and singing and waving their arms out the windows. The bus slowed down for us, and I looked at Arantxa and she sort of shook her head no. Which I agreed with; it was a bunch of escaped convicts for all I knew. But the bus wouldn´t continue, everyone inside was singing and waving to us to come on, they were having such a ball! And they kept yelling something… Professora!
Next thing I knew Arantxa was halfway on the bus! She looked back and she was grinning SO huge. She said, ‘Professora!! Eu sou la professora! These are my students!’

It was Arantxa’s class! She teaches them Spanish and apparently they just ADORE her. They were returning home from their performance in a spectáculo (show) downtown. Everyone on the bus was all giddy. I can´t describe how amazing it was. It would be like if a bus full of laughing singing folks came skidding by, and then it turned out that they were all the guys from ‘Kids in the Hall’ and you had been their camp counselor… it was AMAZING.

So we get on the bus and have about sixty thousand animated conversations with all these beautiful people. Everyone was in love with everything. We drove up the hill, and they dropped us at home… It was incredible. We were high on happy life.

Then we made dolce do leche and then we went to sleep.

Sunday Maxine and Joseé and Sara and I went to Leblon. It was amazingly beautiful. We chilled in the sun for awhile. Then we walked along Ipanema and Copacabana. We were going to meet Arantxa at the photo museum but we decided to save that for another day. It was a stunningly gorgeous sunset… the water has so many colors… I felt very floufy. I tried to explain ‘floufy’ to Maxine, but she just imitated my American accent, so I had to cease explaining and instead just push her in the ocean. You know??

All in all a lovely day. On the way back home Sara and I caught the kombi up the hill (Maxine and Josée went shopping for apples for their apple crumble) and we ran into Arantxa on the kombi! I love running into people.

Which reminds me that Glória (works at the house) told me that she saw me hanging off the bonde on Friday. I hope I was smiling and looking relaxed and adventurous, and that the wind was lightly feathering my hair and all, but I was probably staring into space and drooling. Ah well, you can´t always be romantic I guess.

xoxo, beijo beijo beijo,

The pic: Felipe (the head guy for Iko Poran, Tom (the Potuguese tutor) and me (Beytchie).

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