South America | Brazil | Rio de Janeiro – agora

South America | Brazil | Rio de Janeiro – agora

agora means NOW in port. It is my favorite phrase, to be said in a lilting sing song voice. a GO ra. Also I say ‘Vamo la’ which means let´s go. You say it in dance class or at the metro or wherever.

Tom is coming over L8R to teach us some Portuguese. Yesterday… after I ate Lebanese food I had all these adventures. Met a Brasilian FBI-type dude who also teaches diving. Met a nice girl on the bus to a place called Cosme Velho, which is just this suburb outside of Rio. Then got lots of yoga and ginastico schedules. Also capoeira.

Today – chillin. Went into town (well, just down the hill the other way, to this super cute area called Laranjeiras.) Jonathan and I walked down the hill – it takes about an hour to walk it, but only about 10 minutes to drive. It´s very steep. Went into the circus school, offered to volunteer there as well. Yay! They want me to ad musicality and rhythm to the trapeze routine. I was like, um, okay. As you wish…
Great stores in Laranjeiras. I FOUND TOFU!! Álleluia, now I don´t have to kill the frango (chicken). Back at the house now – reveling in the guilty pleasure of reading a book in ENGLISH (Zadie Smith) and just looking at Rio. I´m going to an aerial gymnastics class at 6 (oh wait, at 1800 hours) and then back for Portuguese lessons.

Love to yall.

I´m teaching dance and english class tomorrow, Thurs, and Friday at Ballet ST. I look forward to it. 🙂

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