South America | Brazil | Northeast Brazil | Maceio – Slothy Living

South America | Brazil | Northeast Brazil | Maceio – Slothy Living

Hello all! Lyla and I are sitting side by side in a Brazilian mall next to a escalator doing internet! Well, unfortunately yours truly has succumbs to the inevitable—air conditioning, various fast foods, video games, the cinema with English movies and Portuguese subtitles, and too much bad fashion. Yes we love it here in the Brazilian malls. Yes, you heard right. We have chosen the mall as one of our favorite past times, because it has everything we need to do in few hours while we´re waiting for our bus to arrive. So far, we have gorged on Brazilian buffet, play a “few” games of shoot and kill, considered watching Matrix for the second time, milking our $ for the internet, considered getting some “anal floss” bikinis for the beach, and yes, did some serious people watching and fashion critiques. Well, we can´t help it, I guess the cultures aren’t all that different at all, especially teenagers and malls.

Anyways, now that we have completely disgusted you all with the American Way in Brazil, we have to tell you that Japaratinga, the small fishing village that we were in, is just the medicine that a doctor would prescribe for a couple of tired travelers. After various bus rides, jungle trips, getting some colds because of going from 100 degrees to air conditioning, we finally decided to stay in a calm fishing town for a few days. It was so nice! The sea was calm, hotter than our shower, turquoise blue and green, and the best of all, was so shallow that you could walk two kilometers in the ocean and check out the coral reefs. Typical day at the beach (disgusting slothy): getting up at 4:30 am to see the sunrise, pass out immediately afterwards, getting up around 8am to eat breakfast (with fresh payaya, pineapple, fresh juice, bread and eggs), read until 11am, decide or not to decide to swim in the bathtub of ocean water, hangout at our favorite (and the only one) restaurant in town, play cards, eat seafood lunch (fresh fish, octopus, and lobsters) with fresh juice once again, going snorkeling or horseback riding in the afternoon (saw some incredible crabs and octopus in coral cracks and beautiful tropical fish), play cards, watch teenagers chat and flirt, watch teenagers play soccer, play with little children, walk all over town to confuse (are they brazilian? Are they Japanese? Where the hell do they come from?), eat seafood dinner, play cards, read the rest of our novels, converse with waiters, decide to go swim or not, go to sleep…

Well besides that, we got to know the locals pretty well. Among them a great guy and his mom who owned the restaurant were so nice to us that the restaurant became our second home. A couple from Spain (well actually one of them is a Brazilian living in Spain) who introduced us to a couple of really agile horses and a couple of really old an sick ones. The Spaniards also helped us getting some tricky rides from Japaratinga to the big town Maceio. Now we are on our way to the AFRO center of the new world, Bahia. The African culture is best preserved in Bahia and we hope to visit this beautiful place called Chapada do Diamontina, the flat mountains of diamonds. Well until next time…

Yours truly,

Lyla and Mike

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