South America | Brazil | Mato Grosso | Campo Grande – We got what we asked for

South America | Brazil | Mato Grosso | Campo Grande – We got what we asked for

Sure we didn’t like rain… We got what we wished for! We got two beautiful days in Floripa (the slang for Florianopolis, Sao Paulo they call it Sampa). We stayed at Guilherme’s house, which is such a gem right by the beach in Campeche in Florianopolis. We walked to the beach three times a day, watched the surfers, had great food at the nearby restaurant, and I even tried out the really old surf kayak that Guilherme’s uncle gave him. It was a lot of fun, except I didn’t have a sprayskirt, so I kept getting swamped and having to dump the boat. But that kept me out of trouble. 🙂

Yeah, rain sucked; however, we’re now experiencing the other extreme. It must be about 100 degrees out here in Campo Grande right now. I am sitting in a fanned room with great ventilation and a freezing cold bottle of water next to me and still pouring sweat. Campo Grande is at the GeoCenter of Brazil, but I’d beg to say that it’s probably where they keep the giant heater.

The Pantanal is not too far away. It is one of the best places to view wildlife. It’s an area where all the rivers end up draining into because the elevation is so low. We’re going into the lowlands in a couple of days and millions of mosquitos await us. Well, we also went to a great museum today full of classified gems, insects, animals, indigenous objects and ethnological ‘stuff’. The vivid stuffed animals scared the bejesus out of Lyla and me. Some of the beatles were the size of your hands with finger length long syringes, these were especially intimidating to me, while I think the sight of big bumble bees and piranhas made Lyla a little wheezy. But we’re prepared for the Pantanal! Got our malaria pills, sunscreens, hats, mosquito proof hammocks, bug screen to the tenth degree, blah blah and we’re going to do some serious shopping tomorrow to make sure we get someone experienced and enviro-conscious to guide us through the wildlife, great flora, and the mosquito infested mudpuddles.

Hey! We’re going to be on the bus once again tonight to get to Cuiaba! That’s where the Transpantaneira (trans pantanal dirt-way) begins, but that will be probably the next day. Wish us luck!

By the way, please write to us at [email protected]! During the heat of the day, we await, soaked in our sweat, for some interesting tibits of your lives. 🙂 Your emails are completely confidential, so just spew on the gossip, you know that is really what we’re interested in.


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