South America | Bolivia | Copacabana – Copacabana to La Paz

South America | Bolivia | Copacabana – Copacabana to La Paz

Monday 21st May

To start the day, a mild hill climb to a pilgrimage site with spectacular views of the town and lake. Unfortunately, the fried meat from the street caught up with us and we had to descend and pay a visit to the toilet.

Later, in the Internet cafe I found that I have finally become an Auntie (the baby was due 11 days ago!!), so we went down to the lake to celebrate the arrival of Georgia Beth over a beer and a sunset. Despite a bit of tummy trouble, we dined on the street again, then back to the hotel to listen to the daily pe?a taking place in the bar. I had quite liked the idea of having Bolivian folk music at hand, but after listening to the same tune (not unlike the band in Star Wars) it will be nice to have some peace and quiet.

Tuesday 22nd May
After a week in the hippy haven of Copacabana, with its slow pace of life, La Paz is quite a shock to the system. As you approach, you begin to wonder what kind of a place you’ve landed in, then you realise that you are still in the poverty stricken suburb of El Alto and you heave a sigh of relief as you see La PAz in the valley 400m below.

After looking at some depressingly grotty and dirt cheap rooms, we have gone upmarket. Hostal Montes, with private bathroom, carpet (something I miss about home!), television (something I REALLY miss about home!!) and breakfast included. It seems really expensive at 40 bolivianos each afterpaying 15 each in Copacabana, but it’s only about $6 or $7.

A person could get very fat staying in La Paz for too long. In four hours I managed a hearty meal of Chorizo and Silpancho (spicy sausage and fried meat) with chips, salad and rice, an ice cream,a fresh strawberry juice, a slice of pizza, a coke and a huge slab of banana cake. then I was still looking at the stalls to see what was on offer! It’s a good job I keep getting the runs of I’d end up the size of a house.

Wednesday 23rd May
Before moving on to Santa Cruz (a nasty 17 hour bus ride away), we set about the fortnightly hunt for a bar showing the Champions League football. Thank God it’s the final so I won’t have to worry about it again! Oh well, it means I can sit and eat while he watches. That’ll make a change then!

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