South America | Bolivia – Brief Update: Attacked and Robbed

South America | Bolivia – Brief Update: Attacked and Robbed

Hmmm, where to begin and where not to begin ? The past 10 days have been incredible and I have so much to relay but unfortunately these impressions lied subdued under what might possibly be the worst experience of my life.

The night before last jana and I were camped high above an Inca ruin near the city of Cochabamba. We had rented a small jeep and had been driving around the highlands and camping wild in the most dramatic spots we could find. This campsite was, by far, the most spectacular until 2:00 am when we were attacked by a group of drunk locals.

Without a word they came and began throwing large stones at the tent and the car. We were able to slip out the back door of the tent and spent 2 hours hiding on a steep embankment just below the scene, listening as they destroyed the car and most of our personal belongings.

Throughout the night they continued searching for us and through nothing less than a miracle we remained unseen. Had they found us that would have been our death. They were not thieves they came with the sole intention to murder us and destroy all that we had.

Finally we were able to make our escape down the mountain in the night and 5 hours later we arrived in the nearest town. This will be a long story, among a few others that I have in my head, but at the moment I need to process a lot of emotions. Subduing the anger is proving the hardest at the moment. Guns are cheap in Bolivia…

Ok, no worries this episode will not turn me into a cold-blooded murderer but if I had had a gun there would now be a few vacant houses in the mountains here. I have been in many near-death situations along the way but this one tops the list.

The final message here is that we are safe and sound, still a bit shaken but you will be hearing more from me in the near future.

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