South America | Argentina | Southern Lake District | Neuquen – Slightly lost

South America | Argentina | Southern Lake District | Neuquen – Slightly lost

Monday 23rd April

Imagine the scene. You’ve had a tasty parillada, more meat than a whole family should eat in a week, complete with starter and half a litre of beer for $10. You can say that you’ve seen the Pampas, albeit briefly, and are all set for a few days of scenic beauty in northern Patagonia. In the Argentine lake district no less. You lounge around all day finding new ways of wasting time while waiting for a midnight bus, endure a neck crimping night trying to sleep and finding the only comfy position 10 minutes before your stop is called. You arrive in a new town just after
sunrise and head for the tourist office.

Then it all goes a bit pear shaped and you realise
that in a very bimboesque manner, you have misunderstood the map. Just because two places are an inch away from each other on the map, they are not within walking distance of each other. You are in fact, several thousand kilometres from the lake district {or call it another 8 hour bus journey} and you are in fact stuck in an ugly little place full of overprices hotels.

Believe it or not, this is not a fairy tale and I am indeed the bimbo in question. What possesed me to choose Neuquen I do not know, but together we made a very quick decision to leave. However, while the decision was quick, the practice unfortunately wasn’t. Having had our fill of the Argentine prices, Chile was beckoning and after MUCH consideration {no more compulsive decisions} the town of Pucon became next on our hitlist. A town which definitely has a lake and even a volcano thrown into the bargain. Easy.

Now for the hard bit – a 15 hour wait for the bus.

So back it was to the tourist information office to get the lowdown on the hot spots of Neuquen. A river, a viewing point, a half built cathedral and 2 closed museums later we were back in the bus station playing cards!! On the up side, eating cheaply here is not a problem, though don’t expect any gourmet grub!

With less than an hour left to kill, we were about ready for another bus ride, although not looking forward to our chosen vehicle. Remeber your school bus? Imagine it crossing the Andes and you will be close!!!

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