South America | Argentina – Melbourne/Santiago – How do i love thee!!!

South America | Argentina – Melbourne/Santiago – How do i love thee!!!

Nice to know people are actually reading my diary, been too busy or lazy to write, but I’m back!!

So anyway, spent a week in Santiago, trying to get myself to leave. God I love that city. Very laid back, not that much to see but great food and people. Then I got on a 55 hour, yes I mean 55 hour bus trip down to Patagonia, in the south of Argentina. Never again I tell you. The argentines are totally paranoid. When you cross into there from Chile they check all your stuff then you have to be body searched, and then they make you open all your luggage, then they stick it through an x-ray, and this is just for road passengers, and you have to go through the same crap everytime you go through a regional barrier and since I travelled the length of the country, I can tell you I spent a lot of time jumping on my backpack trying to get it closed. Yes I’ve bought far too much stuff, but I defy any of you to go to South America AND NOT DO THE SAME.

So, I finally arrived down in El Calafate where in my total naivety, I listened to the guy at the youth hostel who said I should visit the Moreno Glacier with them as they did an alternative trip which was a lot more interesting and unusual to all the other tours. What he really meant was it was more expensive, tiring and longer. So while all the other groups were leaving their hotels at 10am, we were up at 5, to hit the old, picturesque back roads, then go trekking through the woods to finally arrive at the glacier and view it from the back before then going to the front like all the other normal people. I was not impressed to say the least. But it’s totally amazing and if you go to Argentina its a definite must.

Then headed off down to Ushuaia, flying this time. Yay!!! Did absolutely nothing there apart from sailing down the Beagle Canal to the southern most lighthouse in the world and checking out the seals/.

Then off up to Buenos Aires. That’s another really great city, but there’s so much to see. Went to a Boca Juniors match. That was fantastic. The fans are totally nuts, and sit there praying and eating their rosary beads and crying. Pretty amusing, I thought I liked football but they take it really seriously.

Spent the last 2 weeks constantly eating, and it was always steak. Totally addicted now. Need a daily fix.

Anyway, here I am in Melbourne, just went to the Grand Prix today and it rocked!! Apart from the fact that no one in the crowd was Australian, they were all British or Colombian, very strange.

So going to hang out here for a couple of weeks, I mean why leave, staying with friends of the family whop are waiting on me hand and foot and feeding me a hundred times a day. Where I ask you is the incentive to move to a hostel?

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