North America | United States of America (USA) | New England | Massachusetts | Boston – Day 2 of 6

North America | United States of America (USA) | New England | Massachusetts | Boston – Day 2 of 6

I’m still awake. It’s past 2am and for some abboration of nature I am still awake. What happened to jet lag?

This trip is turning out better than I had predicted. Jet lagged and exhausted I rolled out of bed at noon and relaxed in front of the television with my brother Jeremy to decide the day’s fate.

After much hemming and hawing about how tired we were it was decided to load the orange kayak onto the GTI and cruise out to the Charles River for a bit of boating in the sun. After checking out rates at, the Charles River Recreation website, the three of us (my brother’s girlfriend Amanda joined) hit the rapids.

Well, I’m lying. There are no rapids on the Charles. Just wake created by slow moving powerboats out for a summer cruise. And ducks. Lots of ducks.

The Charles River Boat rental shack was busy. The river was THE place to be on a hot summer Sunday in Cambridge, MA. They even shut down Memorial Drive for rollerbladers, cyclists and other pedestrian activities.

Amanda and I decided to take out a tandem kayak and after aceing their rental test (What do you do if a storm hits? wrong answer: hide under a tree) donned the bright yellow life vests and joined Jeremy in his own kayak on the river for an hour of gosh darn paddle fun.

The damn kayak kept pulling to the left. Something about current and wind (or just user error) working against us. What a way to relax, paddle a few, look at joggers run by. Paddle some more, watch out for the dog splashing your way and in the mood for play. Paddle again, smell the canabis wafting from the shore. Hey, wait a minute…

Anyone interested in heading out on a kayak in Boston, which I HIGHLY recommend, check out the above mentioned website. A single kayak is $12/hr, tandem $14. Major credit cards accepted. Do you think the kids that work there are Harvard crew kids?

After racing a crew team at practice from one of the myriad colleges in Boston we hung up our double ended paddles and headed back for a BBQ. Man, those crew girls had nothing on me and Amanda in our bright red left-pulling kayak. We smoked ’em.

Before the BBQ though I had some unfinished business to attend to. Dunkin Donuts. There are no DDs in LA, or all of Cali as far as I know. Forget Starbucks or Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, this joint has it going on with the coffee bean. One medium regular iced coffee (in Mass/RI they put the perfect amt. of cream vs. sugar in for you, no need to specify. yum) for $1.49 and I was jazzed for grilled vegis and Newcastle Brown Ale. My second wind had arrived.

And just in the nick, cause my buddy Greg pulled through with the to-do’s for the evening. Drinks in Brighton with the old crew, some I hadn’t seen in 5 years, at The Model Cafe on the corner of Brighton Ave and Cambridge St. This little bar has a pool table, air conditioning, and Sam Adams Summer Ale on draft. One pint? $3.50. Ah, to be back in the land of cheap(er) beer.

On the way back to the Waltham pad I noticed, with a bit of shock, that I was the only person on the road. Where was everyone? No cars, no traffic, nothing. Ten minutes out of the city and it was so silent tumbleweeds wouldn’t have seemed out of sorts. The roads were mine. What a way to end an evening.

More tomorrow…photos soon. Peace.

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