North America | United States of America (USA) – helicopter blades guts and gills….

North America | United States of America (USA) – helicopter blades guts and gills….

took a walk up to the hollywood sign with an argentinian tourist i met through .  It was pretty exciting – there were signs everywhere that said no hiking to the hollywood sign – but it was just too tempting!!  we didn’t know where the path was so we were scrambling over the gravelly hillside under bushes and over trees till we finally reached the top – hurray!!  then from the vantage point of the ‘L’ we could easily see the the path down.  Then we heard a loud engine – yikes!! – i hid behind the ‘O’ to wait for the police helicopter to go way.  As soon as they had their backs to us we started to scramble down the mountain hiding behind bushes when they came back around.  We were starting to suspect they had seen us when they circled around us that third time!!  they were so low to the ground that we could feel the wind from the propeller blades!!  i was wondering if they were going to land on us to teach us a lesson, after all i guess we have all heard some stories about the lapd here and there.  When they began to point at us and yell we were quite sure we had been discovered.  Let’s just say that our progress down the mountain was a heck of a lot faster than our hike up!!  We were worried that a squad car might be waiting at the bottom to give us a ticket = but lucky for us the lapd must have had something better to do that day.  HUrray!!!  We got chased by a helicopter and didn’t even get a ticket.  That made it all worth it!!  I was actually craving a little bit to go back again just for the adrenaline of the helicopter chase.  I mean I love my country – in what other country can you get chased by a helicopter for just a little hiking.  I’m sure in other places you might actually have to commit a crime for a thrill like that. 8)   teeheehee…. don’t worry im not planning on robbing any banks soon

Went to the cairo carnivale with a friend – a middle eastern dancing fair with dancers all day and all kinds of booths selling costumes, and every sort of stuff – bought a sword and had some fun dancing with friends and home trying out the different props, finger cymbals, the sword balanced on the head, candles in each hand, and veils.  I love dancing!!

My friend Phil came to visit from phoenix – it was so great to see him!!  It’s amazing how good it can feel to see an old friend at the airport in the sea of unfamiliar faces.  We tried out the coasters at six flags and spent a few days at the beach getting beat up by the surfboard and playing in the sand. Phil is a skater boy and gave me a whole new set of eyes to see the city through as we went around checking out all of the famous stairways that are featured in the skater movies.  Saw tracy chapman in concert, who was of course awesome 8)

saw arnold schwarzenegger riding his bicycle at the beach in a bright red, yellow, and orange tie dye t-shirt.  tried to catch up with him on my rollerblades for a better look ….. catch up with arnold!?  yeah… right hahaha

packed up and headed home through the desert – it was 115 degrees at 430pm in baker, california.  I kept the windows open since i have no airconditioning – i think that’s maybe the hottest i’ve been – it seemed like when you stuck your arm out of the window the air that blew past could nearly burn the skin.  I regulated my speed by the position of my temperature gauge.  My little old car didn’t like the hills too much and was getting a little hot and bothered.  Anyways had to regulate my speed with something since the speedometer still doesn’t work for long trips.  Unfortunately every time i bring it in to the garage it works, so i haven’t been able to get it fixed.  Should help with the resale value of the car though since everytime the speedometer shuts off, the odometer stops counting also.  Wonder how many miles my car actually has?  The engine light comes on about that time too which can be a little unnerving when it’s 115 degrees in the middle of the desert, but anyway i arrived safe and sound what more can one ask?! 

In Wyoming my brother and I decided to try living off the land a little and hiked up to a little mountain lake to do some fishing.  Catching the fish was awesome fun!!  They were so beautiful.  Cleaning them was a little sketchy though, especially as we were following directions from the internet.  We cooked the **** out of those fish since neither one of us knew the proper method, but they still tasted pretty darn good funny enough 8)  – – will have to work on our recipes in the future.

Also did some exploring with mom on 2 track little dirt roads in the country side along an old stagecoach line, searching for the station or whatever else we might find.  I was pretty proud of mom driving over the rocks and through a stream in her pickup.  She drove and hiked with us all day and was the only one not craving bed at the end!!

I seem to have developed a habit of attending reunions as well – crashed the 1993 reunion and was surprised at the number of people i knew – was really great seeing my friends jerry, jana, nate, james, toby, etc.

But now it’s time to go again, not ready and sloppily packed as usual – did i mention i hate packing?  it’s going to be a big relief to get on that plane and realize that don’t have to worry about running any more errands or forgetting anything.  I should be in london on tuesday.  hope this finds you all well and keep in touch!!

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