North America | United States of America (USA) – A Day to Remember

North America | United States of America (USA) – A Day to Remember

There can be nothing sweeter than holding your first passport. Not only a passport but a U.S. visa. I got a phone call from my husband this morning that he was successful. So he’ll be arriving here in less than two weeks.

It was a balmy weekend and I had the immense pleasure of spending time with my granddaughter Masai the night before I left for upstate NY to visit a temp agency.

Masai played the violin for me. She had a book of Bach minuets on the music stand, and she informed me that the one she was going to play was the hardest. She said she couldn’t play it perfectly.

I told her, ‘That’s okay. I just want to hear the way you’re working on it.’ I was very impressed at her concentration. She played it through twice.

Then she led me through the intricacies of watching a DVD of ‘Return of the Mask.’ She made sure I didn’t miss any of the exciting parts.

In the morning I took the train to Grand Central, and then caught the Hudson Line to Poughkeepsie where my dear friend Barbara picked me up and took me to a job interview.

Applying for a temp job at this agency was a little like visiting a convict. We were only in the same room briefly. Most of our interaction was through a small window between two rooms. I filled out forms I had never seen before. I had to give them everything from my driver’s license number to my mother’s maiden name.

There was a form on being bonded, two pages of ‘skills’ to fill out, pages of job experience (even though I had a copy of my resume there printed on heavy stock).

At the end there was a spelling and grammar test and not only did I correctly identify the misspelled words, I corrected some of the misspelled questions farther down on the form. As my husband would say, ‘Why not, coconut?’

Oh, I’m so excited. Thanks to Barbara (definitely in the Angel category, like the sainted Marilyn, Maeve and Scarlett), we will now have a queen sized mattress and two tall bookcases.

As if this weren’t enough, I read in the World Tibet News this morning that the People’s Republic of China is finally talking about granting His Holiness Dalai Lama permission to make a week-long visit to Tibet. The details aren’t set yet, but the fact that it’s gone public is more than enough to get tears in the eyes of every Tibetan in the world.

Maybe even the Bodhisattvas and Buddhas are looking down with joy on this wonderful day.

Anyway, I’m joyful for that and also my husband’s passport. It doesn’t get any better than this.

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