Middle East | Egypt | Sinai | Sharm El-Sheikh – Sandy bottoms and Blue Meanie fish

Middle East | Egypt | Sinai | Sharm El-Sheikh – Sandy bottoms and Blue Meanie fish

I am kneeling on the sandy bottom, looking up at Russian bottoms paddling through the water. A multicolored fish with big pink lips swims by. It looks like it belongs in the Yellow Submarine movie. Other fish say ‘Yeah’ as they go by, smiling. Bubbles go up from my mouth, the same as the half dozen people surrounding me. Their hair sticks up like seaweed. They wave their arms when currents throw them off balance. Tubes stick out of their mouths as they suck on compressed air. Some look deathly pale at 5 meters under water. We are all learning to scuba dive. It’s harder than the 1 day ‘resort dive’ i did in Key West 2 years ago, but will be well worth the effort.

Actually, Russian butts were yesterday. Today we went deeper – 12 meters. We saw coral and more fish, and the boat was far above us. Sun light filtered through water and we played like astronauts on the moon, taking off our fins (NOT flippers!) and turning somersaults in the water.

(The computer is rocking as i type this, from side to side as if i am still on the boat. I will try to continue. )

It is beautiful here. Even above the water, the imported palm trees wrapped in fairy lights, blue water, red mountains, permanent sunhsine. soft sand. Despite Russian tourists and their cigarette butts and string bikinis (don’t they realise this is a Muslim country?). The locals are kind and tolerant. it’s a good business for them and it’s not like Benedorm, not all eggs and chips and tacky souvenirs. it’s Egyptain here. You hear Egyptian music and see people sitting on carpets outside smoking from huge water pipes – flavoured tobacco so sweet and mild it makes you foget ever smoking anything illegal. Everyone is chilled out here, on nothing stronger than fresh air, apple tobacco and mint tea.

More fish tomorrow, more coral, and I’m afraid i have to leave this half finished as the still rocking motion is making me sea sick. I promosed words, so here they are; i’ll edit when i get back to dry land. (also it doesn’t help that the PC keeps switching to Arabic.)

(So this isn’t really about my great grandfather, though he was the sort who would have gone scuba diving if it existed in the 19th century. He allegedly went to the Amazon in search of lost treasure once, and ended up one of 3 survivors out of a team of 18 – or is that just another legend from the overblown obituary?

It could be about my aunt, she went here once i’m sure in her many travels. But maybe all this diving will make me forget my family history for awhile…for now, fish are more fun.)

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