Former USSR | Russian Federation | Moscow – And so to Moscow

Former USSR | Russian Federation | Moscow – And so to Moscow

On arrival in Moscow, we came to realise just how dependent we’d been on our Lonely Planet. We got to the station equipped only with a phrasebook and a short list of useful underground stations and the odd hotel. These weren’t particularly useful since signs are only written in Cyrillic and our list was written in the Roman alphabet. We spent a fair while attempting to work out where we should be using the phonetic alphabet in out Berlitz book. We got there in the end!!

After picking up the plane ticket my dad had kindly booked for me, we began the fruitless search for a cheap flight to Berlin. From here things started to go pear-shaped. We couldn’t find a hotel, couldn’t find an internet café, couldn’t find a way for Hector to get out of Russia – it was 95 degrees and we were carrying around all of our possessions.

While standing outside a metro station arguing over what to do next, we encountered generosity that I’d never expect to find in a capital city (too much time spent in London I think!). Two men stopped to ask what was wrong and whether they could help. When we explained, they immediately called the tourist information office to get some addresses for us. I can’t tell you how grateful we were!

Within half an hour, we’d checked into a hotel and were in were surfing the net in search of a flight to Berlin. The whole day was devoted to stressing and running around the city trying to solve problems. By bedtime we felt we’d accomplished nothing: Hector still had no ticket out of Moscow and time was running short since I didn’t really want to leave him languishing in an expensive city.

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