Former USSR | Kyrgyzstan – eating

Former USSR | Kyrgyzstan – eating

The eating is great.

I understand that Central Asia and Russia aren’t widely reputed as international culinary venues, but they are assuredly underrated.

I have never eaten so much. Food is served until I am stuffed at every meal, and tea (which consists of more than many legitimate meals in Europe) is served at minimum twice a day formally and everytime someone new arrives.

At meals a durable waterproof tablecloth marks the boundaries, and everthing inside our touching is in. There is never fear of banishment for spilling unwittingly, but more importantly and to my delight, the tablecloth itself is regarded as a front lines strategic platform. It’s actually preferred for positioning bread and auxiliary foods.

After finishing the eaters initial plate it is within the rules to retrieve from the serving plate with a soiled spoon, and as supplies get near the end to even skip the personal plate and launch pieces directly from the srving plate to eaters mouth. Fingers and body parts are good.

It’s not the Mediterannean. It’s roll up your sleaves, go big, manly eating. Quantity plus style. For spillers like me its heaven. And for a for a poor country where most people don’t have money for much, Kyrgyzstan should be commended.

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