Europe | United Kingdom (UK), Great Britain | Scotland | Outer Hebrides – Day 23 – Barraigh

Europe | United Kingdom (UK), Great Britain | Scotland | Outer Hebrides – Day 23 – Barraigh

Still more sunshine! I’ve won the weather lottery! Though the wind is really howling today. Before packing my gear I tale a quick trip to the north of the island… only because I went the wrong way! Plenty of white sandy beaches, views to the other islands and coos… just wandering the streets… someone should do something about that before they start forming gangs and causing trouble…

Headed back, packed up my gear and took the main road anti clockwise around the island. Passed a really beautiful beach, the kind you find on postcards… rocky sides, white sand, bluer than blue ocean… nice grassy place to camp… that’s when I realised I DID camp here last time I was on Barraigh. After sitting for a while soaking up the sun, scenery and wind I head on and pass still more gorgeous beaches and I just can’t get over the colour of the water, you could be forgiven for thinking that you were looking at the south pacific… one section here is a mixture of deep blue and aqua marine.

I arrive at Bagh A Chaisteil (Castlebay) and pitch my tent on the edge of town overlooking (you guesses it) a bay with a castle in it. The castle is exactly the same size as the rock it’s built on so it looks rather like it’s just floating there. After a bit of a doze in the sun, Silver and I decide to brave the road to Bhatarsaigh (Vatersay) and THAT cattle grid (for those of you who don’t know what I’m on about, I’ll be happy to tell you some time… and show the scar!) With the wind at my back I zip up over the hill and stop to contemplate the evilness radiating from those hard, metal slats… eeevil, like fruits of the deeevil!

Crossing the causeway on to Bhatarsaigh, the Hebrides most southerly inhabited island, I can see back to Bagh A Chaisteil across the choppy, windblown sea. Only a short way on the road passes between to beaches with amazingly white, soft, fine sand and I wander for and hour or so with my feet in the clear, icy waters. Back in town I treat myself to a pint and sit outside the pub in the sun.

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