Europe | United Kingdom (UK), Great Britain | Scotland | Outer Hebrides – Day 21 – Uibhist A Tuath

Europe | United Kingdom (UK), Great Britain | Scotland | Outer Hebrides – Day 21 – Uibhist A Tuath

A half hour cycle to An T-Ob (Leverburgh) was followed by a great hour long ferry ride to Uibhist A Tuath (North Uist) past small, rocky islands. Great to see Harris from the water, the sun was shining and the glittering of the ocean. I got excited when I saw a seal but a woman from Orkney informed me that seals are nothin’, it was only worth getting worked up over whales! After saying goodbye to Iain and Paula I cycled and chatted for a couple of miles with Alice but our ways soon parted as she was on a mission to do the 50 miles to Loch Baghasdail (Lochboisdale) for the early morning ferry.

The road weaves it’s way through a maze of land and sea as I pass Loch nam Madadh (Lochmaddy). I cannot believe the colour of the water, the most deep, dark blue. Heading south west I can see bad weather brewing to the left of me, it doesn’t seem to be moving but just sitting there in a pocket waiting for me to arrive. The road now passes over several causeways as this area of Uibhist A Tuath seems to be more water than land. After an hour or so of rain I start to feel like one of those poor cartoon characters constantly under a cloud. I can see blue sky in every direction… except above me!

A strong smell of salt and fishy things is in the air I cross the final causeway on to Beinn Na Faoghla (Benbecula). Hoping to avoid more of a soaking I take a right and follow the coastal road, by the time I rejoin the main road there’s not a rain cloud to be seen! I again bump into Ian and Paula who seem a bit disheartened about having ‘done nothing’ but bus hopped… hell, they had a couple of pints… that’s something!

I continue on and after crossing the causeway to Uibhist A Deas (South Uist) I turn off towards the west coast in search of a beach to camp on. I am rewarded for my efforts after a couple of miles by a long stretch of white sand facing directly west with the added bonus of entertainment provided by a man taking his cows for a walk on the beach… as you do!

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