Europe | United Kingdom (UK), Great Britain | Scotland | Edinburgh – Step One

Europe | United Kingdom (UK), Great Britain | Scotland | Edinburgh – Step One

Well, at last everything is in place. Our flat is sold and the money should be in the bank next week. I wonder where we will live next? Had a highly successful day booking tickets for the first three legs of the journey. Edinburgh to Dublin, Dublin to Stansted and Stansted to Malaga. It is a pity we don’t arrive in Malaga until after midnight but with a total cost for all three legs for two of us of ?97 I think we can put up with the hassle. See ‘How I love market share battles’ on budget airlines and how to reach the sun for next to nothing.

Well the next month should be relaxing and hopefully, very satisfying. We have plans to see friends who we have not seen for years. One couple we haven’t seen for ten years; another, lovely little girl, my wife’s goddaughter. At least I always remember her that way and now she’s all growed up and a fully qualified accountant. Might even get to see more of Dublin than just passing through at the trot, which has been our usual up to now.

We have a couple of dozen books to take with us and my brother promises me my sick laptop will be ready by then so I can catch up on some genealogical research. Might even find some interesting snippets in my wife’s family bibles if we can find them in the old manse. Should be plenty of time for walking and getting fit for all these accommodation searches to come, might even build myself up with a few pints of the black stuff.

Most important, time to read The Rough Guide to West Africa, again. Its a mighty tome and in due course we’ll find out just how accurate.

Just the last few bits and pieces to do now. Furniture to move, bags to pack, jabs to have (see ‘Travelling on the NHS’) and its off to the airport. After that I’ll discover just how easily I take to a palmtop as I’ve acquired one to use as a diary, addressbook etc. Theory is that I can spend all these long quiet evenings penning notes and emails then upload them quickly and painlessly at the next internet cafe. We’ll see!

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