Europe | United Kingdom (UK), Great Britain | England | London – tallyho!

Europe | United Kingdom (UK), Great Britain | England | London – tallyho!

also everyone amends their statements with love, dear, petal, or pet. and people are polite to a fault sometimes – – the other day i was chatting with a girl as we waited on the ground floor for the elevator – when we got on i pushed the button for the 2nd floor and she looked at me and smiled as she tentatively reached to push a button and said ‘one, is that ok?’ as though she was afraid of the inconvenience it would cause me to have to wait while the elevator stopped to let her off! it’s nice, but sometimes i wonder if im not blundering around like an ox offending people, it would certainly never occur to me to ask if it was ok to stop the elevator at my floor!

i am starting to get more used to work and learning how everything is done – im excited cause it looks like the sister is going to try to work something out with me so i’ll just work three or four long shifts a week – that way i should be able to take my days off in chunks so i can travel or go dancing without having to worry so mcuh about when i have to be at work next. yay!!

well my australian friend jenny has been staying at my house for a few days – now she’ll be living with her auntie and working. we had fun hanging out and talking mostly – and trying to be good diet influences on each other. what bonding – aerobics and salad (and of course the oops went off my diet today binges as well! 8-)) holy cow – we did aerobics for the first time this week and our instructor nearly killed us – im sure!! we were laughing afterwards at all of the evil thoughts that occupied us while the instructor walked around yelling to motivate us. (we did circuit training so the instructor didn’t work out she just moved us from station to station) there’s no better motivator for a diet though than having to jump up and down in front of a mirror for an hour!!

we also bonded in poverty – having both been off of work for over 2 months!! it’s so much nicer to have someone to be poor with 😎

im already missing having jenny around – my flat is so much lonelier!! i’ll be forced to do my homework to occupy myself! blaghh

actually though ive started reading the novel – the secret agent – and it’s pretty good!! it’s set in london in maybe the nineteenth century and talks about many of the famous places around here – very interesting – a view of life that long ago in this city.

im looking forward to getting my first paycheck in a long time – sometime at the end of next week yayayayay!! there was a plant at the nursery the other day called the money tree but i don’t think it was in pounds…

i got some gold fish!! they are beautiful Prince Harry and Lady Diana – they look very royal to me! my plants are still alive !! im very proud of myself.

i discovered an add for a couple of different companies in the paper the other day that do weekend adventures like surfing etc, so hopefully i can save up some money to go on some – there is so much to do here!! my list gets longer and longer

it looks like i’ll be talking to you from the cyber cafe for a while longer – my laptop has turned up stolen – but it was insured so hopefully it will just be a paperwork hassle but i should be able to get one just like it. 8-(

well i’d better get going!! hope you all are doing well!! please write back – i try to make it in here about once a week and am like a puppy looking forward to going outside when i come – i love hearing from everyone it makes being new in a huge city much less lonely
cheers !!! luv ruthie

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