Europe | United Kingdom (UK), Great Britain | England | London – like the rain on the sea…

Europe | United Kingdom (UK), Great Britain | England | London – like the rain on the sea…

a wet hello to everyone – yes im a bit damp today

this one will be a quickie – not much has happened this week – pretty much just been trying to make some money 8)

i have to admit that since i am in a foreign country and habitually avoid the news and newspapers anyway, my info on this whole bombing thing is pretty sketchy

i never know what to believe in the papers i see here anyway – the regular papers have names like the mirror and are just like the rags you see in the checkout at the grocery store in america – you know the ones with the latest affairs and alien sightings – you read an article and it tells you all of the most emotional parts of the story – like in describing a girls death it relates where her boyfriend was when he heard the news and how he took it and all kinds of wierd stuff

anyways the paper today was talking about some maniac rich guy from the midd,le eastt who is promising retaliation – of course it told all about his growing up and his estate and everything to make it more dramatic – – so is this legit – it makes me worried about everyone over there in the states, a bit. yuck i hate all this bombing stuff – so what’s the real scoop – what do you guys think? are you worried?

anyways so i guess ill just make a few late announcements…
HAPPY 17th BIRTHDAY to my brother Eric – he has recently gotten his driver’s license so you might want to check his schedule before heading out onto the road (just teasing eric 8-))

HAPPY 8th BIRTHDAY to my niece Lillie!!! She’s such an adorable, loving and talented little girl – hope you had a fun day and i luv you much!!

CONGRATULATIONS!!! to the recently enlarged Vospette famnily!! Stephanie (Kister) and Andre have just welcomed their new daughter in to the world! Claire – over 8 pounds!! Good work guys!

CONGRATULATIONS!!! also to Jennifer DeVries and Reil Thomas who will be taking the big marriage leap in September. Many happy anniversaries!

i guess that’s it for me – my luv to everyone and take care and cheers!! ruth

just a quote from a song i love by concrete blonde
‘im like the wind in your hair
im like the rain on the sea
im free
im free
im free!!!!!!!!!!!!’

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