Europe | United Kingdom (UK), Great Britain | England | London – Hiya!!

Europe | United Kingdom (UK), Great Britain | England | London – Hiya!!

Hello everyone – hope everythhing is going your way! 😎

I don’t have lots of news but i just thought i would drop a line

I have finished reading my novel – now i just have to write 2 papers and take a final – then i am free !! and can go sightseeing guilt free!! Then they can finally send me my actual degree!! yayay!! It’s going to feel strange though writing my papers in actual handwriting instead of on the computer!! it’s too expensive for me to do them here. and finding a proctor should be interesting also! 😎

just a couple of things i thought were interesting – a big part of my life now is waiting for and riding the double-decker buses. it takes an hour to get to work and an hour to get to town. more or less due to traffic, etc. and 0-30 minutes waiting for each bus. this opens a whole new subject in my entertainment agenda – bus entertainment. often i am listening to my walkman and reading or writing postcards. sometimes i am in a friendly mood and talk to the people around me. it’s especially fun if you are sitting by kids on the bus – they always have something interesting to say. other times i just watch the people and the scenery and wait. one day i was bored on the bus and a guy sat down in front of me that smelled SO good!! to entertain myself i wrote him a little message something like – you smell really nice but i didn’t want to embarrass you by telling you. have a nice day – i passed it to him just as he jumped up to get off the bus – that way he didn’t have to worry about me hitting on him or what to say and visa versa. He turned around and gave me a big grin and a thankyou and jumped off the bus. It made my day – i thought i was so clever 8-). i thought that was a nice way to give someone a compliment. so maybe in the future i will do it more.

i am always amazed when i think about the fact that in this city of 12 to 20 million people all of the pubs close at 11pm!! (although dance clubs are open all night) the other day i heard it was because of a law and there is a controversy going on right now about whether to change it. i’m all for it!! It’s funny, even though everything closes , the streets are still packed with people and buskers, it’s still fun just to walk around and people watch 8)

i went to the 18th birthday party of my australian friend Jenny last night and met her english relatives and all of their friends. It was a lot of fun but I was so pissed (the english term for inebriated) by the end of the night. I really liked their friends and i met a very lovable guy named Tyrone who was trying to teach me the foxtrot! I was teaching him the cowboy swing. I really liked him – he’s the kind of a guy that doesn’t mindd looking a little silly being the only people dancing in the middle of a lawn party – lots of fun – very goofy – hope he calls me! %) im sure ill see him around anyway!

tomorrow im working 7am to 10pm &( yuck! but i can’t reallyu complain since i had an extra day off last week!

you can tell that this is a fairly safe city because there was a murder last week and EVERYBODY is talking about it.

when i got home from the party last night i found my two new Chilean friends waiting at my flat for me!! Their names are Coni and Javiera. We met in the hostel in Florence. we have had a nice lazy day today talking about life and comparing countries and our trips and eating healthy food – we are all on a diet! although they did bring me some awesome belgian chocolates!! if i can get hold of some more i’ll be sending them home – they are SSSSOOOOOOO yummy!! now we are in town and going to take a walk about and look at the sights. we have a lot in common! i put in some grateful dead at the house and Coni said she listens to that all the time!! they are going to be staying for a week or so – I am all excited about going to visit Chile sometime in the future – they are from Santiago.

well i guess that’s all of my news for today – life is good – im feeling very popular right now and am not worried about getting bored or lonely! i’ll be getting my first paycheck friday! yay!! my best wishes to all of you and we’ll chat again soon!! Cheers!! ruthie

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