Europe | United Kingdom (UK), Great Britain | England | London – hey everyone!!

Europe | United Kingdom (UK), Great Britain | England | London – hey everyone!!

hey y’all!! how’s it goin??

i am here in england and scrambling around getting settled. my flat is about 45 min by bus from the center of london and about the same distance from where i work. i m trying to figure ouyt the bus system – – it’s such a maze!! im starting to make connections though 😎

i didn’t realize how huge the city of london is – it’s the biggest in Europe with population estimates ranging from 12 to 20 million people. Very multi cultural.

so here are some of the things i’ve been learning –
vocabulary nickers and pants refer to underwear
trousers mean pants
people will look at you funny if you talk about the grass stains on your pants!

tea is very strong here – i drank 2 cups at the hostel and was wired!! they really do have tea time in between meals with little cakes, scones, or biscuits (cookies). At the grocery store there is a whole isle devoted to tea cakes.

in order to avoid large numbers of flattened tourists every curb is marked with which direction to look before crossing the street! ‘look right’ or ‘look left’. im still not used to it – when i go to get in a car i always approach the wrong side. ive only gotten in one car since ive been here though so it hasn’t been a problem.

i have a tv but can’t turn it on because i haven’t purchased the 90 pound tv license yet. one pound = 0.61 american dollars. everything here has a similar price to american goods but it reallly costs about twice as much since there are almost 2 dollars in every pound. i get paid about half as much though.

there are lots of young people who move here with dreams of success – it is seen worldwide as a city of opportunity – at least byu the people ive met. it has awesome theatre so lots of people come here to study acting.

this is definitely a fast paced city – people are friendly but in a rush


there’s so much new that im starting to forget which stuff is new and which stuff is old. i start work monday and am excited to get a bit of a focus – i’ve never been on vacation this long before !!
it has been great thoguh and as jerry and i ended our tour we were already talking about where to go next.

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