Europe | Turkey | Antalya | Tekirova – My second week

Europe | Turkey | Antalya | Tekirova – My second week

Hi everybody.

So what did I do the last few days? I just worked.

I give information about the village to the guests and I try to solve any problems they could have here.

As I didn’t go out much I’ll first tell you about Marti Myra. The place is really big with seven pools, a long beach, and many restaurants. There are Turkish and Mexican restaurants which I will write about after trying some of the things on the menu.

And I now have a roommate. She’s named Tash and it’s funny because this word (with it’s pronounciation) means stone in Turkish, and is used also for very beautiful women (slang). She’s a beautiful Russian girl. In fact we’re not alone in our room. We’ll be with another girl in our very very small room:) for a couple of days.

Last night I went out with her. I knew there would be a meteor storm and we wanted to watch it. So we went to the beach, listened to all the music coming from the hotels and the sound of the sea, and watched the Perseids. It was great.

And today I woke up early to swim before working. The sea is very clean and beautiful but typically Mediterranean with too much salt!

One thing about the prices here; for example pants which normally costs 20$ here costs 10-12$ in Antalya. But if you’re tourist they say even more… For this reason Saturday after work I took a bus to Antalya at 6:30pm. I was there by 8:00 and found a cheap and beautiful street for shopping in the area called Gulluk. I bought some little things and came back by bus at midnight.

Thursday I’ll be living my little holiday in Antalya I think. So do continue reading me…

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