Europe | Turkey | Antalya | Tekirova – 6 days passed

Europe | Turkey | Antalya | Tekirova – 6 days passed

Has it really passed 6 days since I was on a bus from Istanbul to Antalya?

Since last Friday I have been working in a holiday village 10 hours a day and I won’t have a pause until next week. (I hope to be losing kg’s in the meanwhile, but the meals are sooo good).

Marti Myra (where I work) is in Tekirova which is a really small village or (town maybe) at 1.5hrs from Antalya. Tekirova has just one main street with shops etc. and nothing else except 6-7 luxury hotels in holiday villages.

I haven’t even gone to any of the shops on the street, I have been so busy. But I have started to plan my day off. I may go to Olimpos (you should now this place from mythology) or to Phaselis which is an antique city.

As for my first impressions, the sea and beaches here are beautiful. There are lots of tourists here – they are generally Russians or German. The area is convenient for all sports from surfing and diving to biking and mountaineering.

For the rest you’ll have to wait…

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