Europe | Turkey | Antalya – Photos

Europe | Turkey | Antalya – Photos

I finally decided to put all the photos together in one page to be sure that they’ll be checked out.

The photo of mine has been taken in my trip to Myra. The first ones after it, called kayik and agac, are photos taken in my last day at the holiday village.

Kalei├ži, marina and denizkale have been taken in the old town of Antalya. Wonderful place in fact but I had problems with the colours of the film. I put them anyway at least to help you to imagine.

Kaya and mezarz are from the necropolis of Myra. Harabe is from the big amphitheater of Myra also.

St. Nicolaus is photo taken
in the church of St. Nicolaus (Santa) in Demre.

The lion is in Hierapolis near to Pamukkale, Denizli. And the last photo which is called Pamukkale is from the adorable travertines.

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