Europe | Turkey | Antalya – One day in Antalya

Europe | Turkey | Antalya – One day in Antalya

My first day off work finally came after 2 weeks.

My first stop was Kemer. I stayed there just half an hour, found a travel agency and booked 4 places for rafting next tuesday. Then I took another bus and went to Antalya.
This is one of the biggest cities in Turkey.
But for me the interesting part was the old town.

It’s called Kalei├ži which means the “Castle’s inside”. It comprises the marina and old houses between the city walls. This is one of the nicest places I’ve ever been. There is the Hadrian’s door which was constructed for the visit of the emperor to Antalya. Then there are many streets going down to the marina. Plenty of old constructions, an art galerie, historical mosque and a ‘medrese’ from the time of Alaaddin Keykubat, which is used as a shopping center today.

The streets have got souvenir shops of any kind with vendors generally speaking many languages. In the marina you can find boats for daily trips to all the beatiful places to which the city is close or you can have a drink in the seacoast’s cafes.

I spent my day just walking around and I found a street of caricaturists nearby. It’s not big but nice.

In conclusion I loved the ancient city very much but the biggest advantage of Antalya for being such a big center of tourism is that it’s in a very interesting area of Turkey. There are so many historical or natural beauties in the villages around that more than 1 million tourists have visited the city since May. The area is full of antique cities; Olimpos, Phaselis, Myra, Side with the Apollon temple, Chimera with it’s burning stones etc. And many others of which I’ll talk to you later.

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