Europe | Spain | Madrid – Madrid, Spain

Europe | Spain | Madrid – Madrid, Spain

I arrived in Madrid yesterday after taking an easy train ride from Puerto de Santa Maria. By the way, it is less expensive to travel from Puerto ($55 E) than Sevilla ($65) although I would recommend buying a ticket ahead of time as there were no seats when I left and it ended up costing more.

Madrid is a fun town full of life, young people, crazy colors and clothes and my favorite, amazing shoes.

I stayed in the Hostal Acapulco hotel which is perfectly located near the main square at only $40 per night for a large single room with double bed and private bath plus TV. Today I visited the various tourist spots including the royal palace. I enjoyed a delicious kebab in a turkish hole in the wall complete with the turkish folks. I have been dying for a kebab after gobbling one up in Granada. I do love being in Europe and being surrounded by new languages all the time.

I am looking forward to meeting my friend from Santa Barbara in Barcelona on Monday and catching up. I am beginning to think about life after travels as of late and wondering where I will end up. I realize I cant be a gypsy forever and my life is filled with constant hello´s and goodbye´s.

One thing I am grateful of is being in Europe and not in Central America. I love being here, I love the culture, I love the slow pace, I love the food, the green olives, the wine, the language.

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