Europe | Poland | Krakow – Torrents and Turrets

Europe | Poland | Krakow – Torrents and Turrets

When I awoke it was still raining. Strawberry is basic, there’s no breakfast, so I went to a nearby Milk Bar. I’d been wanting to visit one ever since A Clockwork Orange and I wasnae disappointed. Surly service, 2 cheese rolls and a mug of coffee for under a euro. Mmm, tasty.

After a short while getting wet wandering the quaint streets of Old Krakow I headed for Wawel Castle. It’s pretty impressive from the outside with imposing turrets and huge battlements. Inside isn’t too shabby either. There’s an armoury full of old weapons and you can stroll the royal quarters. But I’ve seen so many museums.

So I was soon sitting in the castle courtyard with a beer and a book. I was under a canopy and I assumed the rain would ease off soon. But it didn’t. For something to do I got the barmaid to teach me how to pronounce the indigenous brew. Zhi – vee – ets. Local info like that is always handy. And she was very comely.

During a brief cessation of torrent I legged it back to the old central square. It looked kinda glum in the rain. Or maybe that was my reflection in the puddles. I ventured into a traditional Polish restaurant. One bowl of beetroot soup (barszcz) and some soggy meat dumplings (pierogi) later I was sorry I bothered. Luckily there was Zywiec on hand to help it all stay down.

I somehow managed to get lost on my way back to the hostel. Us Corrigans pride ourselves on our sense of direction, but with the rain, the dark, and my obviously deficient map, it took about an hour and a half to find the Strawberry. I was in a foul humour when I dripped into the dorm. I don’t think I made a good impression on the Japs. It would have been nice to have someone to complain to.

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