Europe | Poland | Krakow – Back on the train again

Europe | Poland | Krakow – Back on the train again

Turned out the handiest way from Brasov to Krakow was back through Budapest. Stopped off in Sinaia along the way. Carol I, the first German king of Romania, had his summer residence here. It’s very spectacular, all colouredy against the wooded mountains, with manicured gardens and ornate insides. Probably the prettiest thing I saw in Romania. Apart from Monica who worked in the hostel in Bucharest. I also had time to climb a Carpathian. There was quite a view. Went possibly a bit too far on my own and had to slide down a big old rock. Washed myself in a babbling stream. It was refreshing.

In Bucharest I stocked up on chocolate croissants and water. Twas gonna be a long journey. I was the only passenger in my couchette carriage so it was peaceful. In Kosice I had to change carriages to avoid getting left behind. I stepped off the train for a moment so I could set foot in country #7. Then I got back on the train. Slovakia, I hardly knew ye.

The train sat on the Polish border for about an hour doing nothing. So by the time we got to Krakow we were late and it was dark and stormy. On the platform I met a guy in a Strawberry Youth Hostel T-Shirt. He told me they ran a minibus straight to the hostel. Given the lashing rain, thunder and lightning, it was an easy decision.

I was in a room with 3 Japanese guys without much English. But still better than my Japanese. We smiled and grunted but I was tired.

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