Europe | Norway | Oppland and Hedmark – at my mom’s

Europe | Norway | Oppland and Hedmark – at my mom’s

norway is cold and rainy and beautiful. and clean. i’m so happy to be back. i was so ready to leave vietnam.

the trip back to norway seemed to be over in no time. i slept most of the time. no motion sickness thank god.
i flew from cam ranh airport right outside of nha trang to sai gon with uncle 7 and his girlfriend. my grandfather, aunts, and all my cousins came to say bye to me at the airport. we were a big noisy crowd, you should have seen us.. it’s such a small airport, and my cousins stood outside waving as i went up the stairs to the little airplane. i was the last person to board. uncle 7 and his girlfriend flew for the first time and were quite excited. i said good bye to the two of them in sai gon, and after stressing around a little bit (as i was checking in i realized i had quite alot of exess weight and i tried escaping the horrendous price per kilo by running around to see if i could send a bag as cargo or something – no such luck, but i got a discount) i raced to my gate and got on the plane to paris (last person to board again). there was a short stop in bangkok, but we weren’t allowed to go out, we just picked up some more passengers. slept more or less for 14 hours. saw the sun rise twice. once shortly before we landed, and then again right after we landed. it was so beautiful. i sat there looking out the window. on my way to norway. happy as larry.
waited about 6 hours at the airport in paris for my transfer. stood in a music shop listening to music for about 2 hours, then i fell asleep over three seats right outside my gate.
fell asleep on the plane again, and when i woke up we where landing.

it feels so good to be in norway. i’ve unpacked all my cd’s.
i’m staying at my mom’s. sorting out myself, planning what to do from now on. my mom’s moved since last i was in norway, it’s a beautiful old house in the country side. amazing. great view. i have a little hut all to myself (en liten stue tvers over tunet). it’s june, but we’re still building a fire in the fireplace every day.

i’m glad i’ve been to vietnam. i’m glad i stayed there that long. i’m glad it’s over.

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