Europe | Netherlands | Amsterdam – Amsterdam or Bust!

Europe | Netherlands | Amsterdam – Amsterdam or Bust!

Before I left the states, I was given strict instructions to hit Amsterdam. True, to most people it is known for its sexual and smoking freedom. So that is the main concept I had of it. However, once I got here, my idea of what composed Amsterdam changed. I heard it had great architechture, beutiful scenery, and was, in general, more than the sex and drugs. Still, I had to see it with my own two eyes, even through the smoke haze…

So two friends and I headed north in a rented Mercedes, destination Utrek, where we were staying the night, about half an hour from Amsterdam. We were running a little behind and got there pretty late. By the time we hit Amsterdam’s heart, it was midnight on a Friday night, which means it was on full speed! seeing Amsterdam in the dark of night was an experience, and although i am glad to have seen it, i don’t have any huge desire to do it again! Walking through the red light district was fun at first, I was like, wow, prostitutes sitting in windows almost naked, what an interesting concept. But the more I thought about it and realized that these were women who were completely degrating themselves, many of them were even beautiful. It soon broke my heart, and I wanted to be gone.

The Dutch are smart people, because you can’t buy alcohol in a coffee shop, they realize the negative results of mixing drugs and alcohol. But it is a different feeling to see people ordering weed right there in front of you as you are just sitting there… and on the counter there are rolling papers you can use or a bong you can borrow. wierd, different, hm…. that town definitely was hit with a case of the munchies…

On Saturday we headed south to Maatrix where we were staying the night… We attempted to be tourists, but I thought I was going to freeze to death? it was negative one degrees celc, i checked… but angie, kyle, and me found this christmas carnival fair, it was so cool! we even went on this ferris wheel, but it was kinda ghetto.

That night we stayed at the club Angie’s brother was doing tattoos at, which was fine, definitely in holland so kinda creepy. and dutch sounds so funny, it doesn’t even sound like they are speaking a language!

When we had driven north it had been night time, and the drive was just gorgeous, passed bunches of castles on the way there, and since it was night they were all lit up.. and on the way back it was light and we caught the sun setting right bright red behind the hills right as we got into heidelberg, which made a nice ending to a long weekend…….

did i mention how i would much rather just live here and not have to do anything?????? well, time to pull my life together…

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